My favourite #organic #bakery cum #cafe takes part in the #verpackungsfasten campaign to avoid package waste and offers a discount to everyone who takes bread and cake away in their own bag or container. It's easy to always carry a cotton bag with you (can be washed with your towels).


"Mit Open Source in eine nachhaltige Gesellschaft

Wie können Aktivist:innen sich vor staatlicher Repression besser schützen und wie kommt man mit einem Rollstuhl problemlos durch die Stadt? Tüftler:innen haben Antworten auf diese und andere Fragen gefunden und sie vergangene Woche in Berlin präsentiert. Der Prototype Fund hat die Projekte gefördert und die Vorstellung ausgerichtet. Wir waren da und stellen euch zwei spannende Ideen vor."

Nachhaltigkeitswoche Zürich
( Week Zurich)

Die Nachhaltigkeitswoche Zürich () ist ein Projekt von Studierenden von fünf Zürcher Hochschulen.
Die dritte Woche des Frühlingssemesters ist an den Hochschulen ganz der Nachhaltigkeit gewidmet. Im Rahmen von mehrere Veranstaltungen soll das Thema Nachhaltigkeit breit diskutiert und die Studierendenschaft gebildet und sensibilisiert werden.
Alle Veranstaltungen sind öffentlich und kostenlos.

Klima-Wahnsinn: EU subventioniert neue #Gas-Pipelines, #LNG und indirekt auch #Fracking. Diese Abgeordnete haben gestern dafür gestimmt (in rot) und diese dagegen (in grün).
#PCIlist #Klimakrise #NoLNG #GreenDeal #Piraten

Farm Hack. A worldwide community of farmers that build and modify their own tools

The Davos World Economic Forum () gains one "F" for good:

Starting from Saturday 24 August in Davos (CH) there will be a forum alternative to the (in)famous World Economic Forum ().

Its objectives are: meaningful growth, Earth care and freedom, in German:

Wachstum Erde Frieden Freiheit ()

It can be followed via live stream.

OpenStreetMap allows to add information relevant to local communities without necessarily having an economic incentive, unlike other mapping giants like Google.

One of our Transition-Waedenswil community gardens, the "Stadthausgarten", is now featured as well: That's where we usually meet, and where we grow edible plants for all passers-by to savor.

Btw., the editing tutorials of are very well made and a real pleasure to follow!

Schedule events and create polls with , now available for everybody to use also on our own server:

Dudle is gratis to use and free as in freedom. It is licenced with awesome GNU v3.

Dudle is developed by Benjamin Kellermann. Installation instructions and source code are available here:

Thank you!

It seems there are just very few transition groups so far, but we would like to ask some of them to join too: Using facebook seems too toxic for people practicing lifestyles which are sustainable in the broadest sense.

Welcome to the official instance of town Waedenswil Switzerland, part of the worldwide network of communities, villages and cities, also see:

We focus on visual & perceptible changes in order to create sustainable systems on a local level. Seed swaping, clothes exchanges, community gardens and the relocation of the local economy are just a few of our activities.

Joining mastodon marks our intention to transition to a sustainable digital life.


This instance is reserved to the Transitioners of Waedenswil.